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MBe Thermal Spray Services Ltd offer bespoke training packages tailored to individual requirements. No two Thermal Spray facilities are entirely identical so the training requirements will vary depending upon factors such as equipment and coating type.


We have a long history of training within the Thermal Spray Industry. An example of recently delivered and available courses are listed below:


  • Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Thermal Spraying

  • Thermal Spray Materials and Applications

  • Manufacturing Techniques for Thermal Spray Materials

  • Thermal Spray Product and Process Troubleshooting

  • Thermal Spray Coating Evaluation and Measurement Techniques

  • Thermal Spray Laboratory Testing - Preparation and analysis.

  • Interpretation and Implementation of the NADCAP AC7109 Checklist

  • Compliance with ISO 14918:2018 Qualification Testing of Thermal Sprayers

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